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A Play School With a Difference

Mili Educational Society, a non-profit making social service organization committed to reaching education to all started Mili Play School with an aim of reaching education to all because we believe that it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults. Our mission is to create good citizens for the well being of the society they live and for the nation. It is possible only with providing quality education and that was the aim behind the origin of Mili Play School. Mili Educational Society entrusted Mrs. S. Uma Rani with the responsibility of Mili Play School about a decade back. Her dedication, determination and hard work put the school on the list of most favored schools in Hyderabad. Many eminent educational consultants have supported us in gaining this enviable position which we enjoy today and those consultants are available always to solve all the issues related to the students.

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Why Mili

Mili Play School

Tender minds of little children are highly sensitive. Only a mother can handle it with proper care. At Mili Play School,we provide the equal care as a mother gives to her child. We at Mili Play School firmly believe that children need love, care and guidance and not instructions. We have designed our curriculum to match this policy.


To provide good opportunities for children to learn and earn experience through various practical activities that match with their ages.

Our Aim

To create a friendly environment for the children to enjoy playing and learning. We also aim at motivating children to discover and learn


To build up cordial relationships with the parents and thus to facilitate healthy bringing up of children.

Our Objectives

We have a comprehensive approach towards education and not limiting us within the four walls of the syllabus. Our main objective is to provide quality education to children from all classes and communities. We are bringing up children as good and well-disciplined citizens with good behaviors and strong morale. We are preparing them into bold individuals with high level of self-confidence to face any challenging situations in the future.

We concentrate on

Improving Communication Skills

Developing Social Interactions

Developing Soft Skills

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Geeta Nagar Branch: Plot No. 18, Road No. 1, Geeta Nagar, Sainathpuram, A.S.Rao Nagar, Hyderabad

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+91-9849901270 & +91-8125933003

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